Question Does TV service matter for picture quality sling, Hulu, comcast


Sep 20, 2008
Was wondering on a modern medium/high end TV 2021 version would it matter who my service provider was as to picture quality since the TV automatically upscale; would cable be any better than streaming services like Hulu or sling?

I know sling supports up to 1080p supposably but would that matter since the TV upscales


Yes, it matters. If it starts with crap. It'll upscale crap. Image scaling is just a matter of changing an images resolution. Some methods are better than others. But they don't improve an image.

Now as far as service goes. Resolution isn't everything. I'd be more interested in bitrate. As that'll play a big factor in the likes of noise and artifacts. A high bitrate 720p will generally look better than a low bitrate 1080p. As it'll look less blotchy due to less compression. Really noticeable in dark scenes, a lot of fast action and sports.

These services generally offer free trials. I'd say the best option is to try them out. See which looks best to you. Plus you can just dump one and switch to another if you aren't happy.

I'd say compare the same channels on the services and similar programming. Noting blurriness and blocky or blotchy images. What you like and don't like about the interfaces. Then make a choice.

As for the streaming equipment. A good box is generally better and the apps are more frequently updated than whatever's built into the TV. So, maybe consider a high end Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV box for your streaming.

I couldn't say which is the best. As I can't stand live TV with commercials. I mostly watch commercial free on demand streaming content. Such as Netflix or Prime video.

Edit: I'd also add that bitrate isn't everything either. As the CODEC they use is also a factor. Something like VP9 or HEVC is more efficient than the likes of MP4. So, you can get the same quality at a lower bitrate or better quality at the same bitrate. That's why you should compare them yourself or at least look into detailed reviews which actually compare image quality.
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