Question Does using all my PCIe slots affect the GPU?


Mar 28, 2014
My R9 2080x is only displaying 2 of the 4 outputs.

Windows 10 64-bit (updated)
AMD Radeon R9 280x DC2T-3GD5
Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H mobo
latest Radeon software 20.4.2

I have spent a week researching and troubleshooting and I still can't get more than 2 displays to work. Here's what I've learned so far:

-Only 2 displays will work. Windows will recognize a 3rd (or 4th) display but I cannot get it to be active. I've tried all the tricks: plugging/unplugging in order, restarting, Windows Key + P settings (PC screen only, Duplicate, Extend etc). I also disabled the mobo Intel Graphics in Device Manager. I've tried different cables, monitors, and tv's. Latest drivers etc (y)

-I don't think it's the GPU. I originally put in an old Quadro 5000 and same thing: only 2 displays, I could never get the 3rd to work. I thought it was the Quadro but when the R9 did it I figured it was settings related. I've done multiple clean installs of Windows 10 (with the R9) and the problem persists.

-I bought this used from a neighbor a few years back. I know for a fact he used (2) of these R9's in Crossfire mode(?) and now I'm only using 1 of them. I thought it was a BIOS Crossfire setting so went through the entire BIOS and saw nothing. Yesterday I got impulsive and just reset all the BIOS settings to (optimized) default thinking that might do the trick. Nothing.

The only other thing I can think of is I'm using all the PCIe slots. I've read that sometimes using all the PCIe slots makes it slower for NVME drives? Could that be inhibiting the full functions of my GPU?

Also I'm running (2) PCIe elgato HDPro 60 video capture cards (I'm experimenting with dual camcorder music streams). Could these 2 capture cards (complete with their own HDMI output) be hindering the HDMI outputs of my GPU?

I apologize for taking up space, but I've put in around 30 hours of research to no avail and my gf is starting to get mad lol. Thanks in advance if you can help!
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