Does xbox emulator actually exists?


Oct 18, 2014
Does this s#it actually exists? I want to play Forza 4 on my PC but i can't get emulators anywhere..
I tried lot of emulators but always there was problem like this : BIOS component is missing or its outdated. I went on the Internet, but every BIOS.dll had same problem. In other cases these strange installers downloaded many s#its on my computer, i had to delete this files - YT accelerator, Sense, Mywebsearch etc. I've tried Ps emulator, it opened, loaded Bios but I didn't tried any game yet. Hope you help me. Thanks and sorry for bad english.

Intel Core i5 3570k
8 GB 1600 MhZ
GTX 670
There are no working emulators available for any Xbox console. The Xbox original emulator project fizzled out, likely due to the fact most of the games on it were multiplatform releases that were also on PS2 or PC, so there wasn't much interest in getting an emulator working. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One do not have working emulators right now and likely won't have one for many years due to the hardware overhead needed for emulation combined with the difficulties in writing an emulator. If you want to play Forza, all you're going to need to buy an Xbox to play it.



There were a few prototype XBox emulators that crept up in the mid 2000s but these never got past the prototype stage due to most of the popular titles being available on PC. The effort seems to have stalled out due to the difficulty of reverse engineering the platform, especially the GPU. As far as I know there's still the occasional bit of development going on, but nothing worth mentioning.

The XBox 360 is in a similar position. While console modding received quite a bit of interest, emulation fizzled out due to cross platform titles being readily available.