Question Does YouTube App require sign on every time ?


Mar 11, 2010
I have a noname 2G/16G Android TV box which is mainly for the kids to watch Youtube movies. Recently I found that when I click the YouTube app icon, I got a white screen with the red YouTube icon in the middle and it stays there for 40 sec. I then got a notification on the top saying that I am login as 'my user-id'. followed by a list of video icons. I have never seen that 40 sec delay before. It looks like that it is taking 30-40 sec to sign on every time I start the youtube App. Once the list of video icon comes up, I can start viewing them without much delay in loading. This makes me think that it is not a network delay between my box and my router. I am not sure if the delay is the sign on time.
Does YouTube require a sign on every time you start the App ? On my Android phone, when I click the YouTube App icon, the white screen comes up and within seconds the list of videos comes up. It may be the sign on is so fast or it does not require a sign on.

Seaweed Monster

Jun 7, 2014
Hey! @hw_user

Usually, an account is cached within the application stored on the device, which means you do not have to keep logging in every time you use the app, in this case, Youtube. However, from what you're saying, there is a delay between opening the app and the app logging-in to your account.

Have you tried updating the Youtube app itself from the PlayStore, or Android operating system itself? If the Youtube app came pre-loaded onto the device, perhaps try uninstalling the existing app (potentially outdated version) and install Youtube again from the PlayStore (which is the latest version)?