Doesn\'t see both sata hdds


Nov 11, 2011
I have a M2A-VM with one IDE hd and one sata hd. I put another 500gig sata hdd in and it's like there's nothing there. I removed the ide hdd still no second sata hd appears. Is there a jumper config that resolves this issue. HELP.....
Yes. You can move a jumper on the old ide drive to make it a secondary drive. You can't with sata. Before changing the ide jumper, I would install the working ide drive alone and let windows load. Then try connecting the new sata drive and see if windows detects it; if windows asks you to format the 500 gb drive, go ahead and do it. If the drive still isn't detected by windows, then check the cable to the motherboard again. Sata cables can come loose easily. I use maxblast 5.0 to clone new drives. Then after cloning, select the drive you want to boot up to and disconnect the other drive. After changing the ide jumper to the slave position, install this drive and windows will set it up as a secondary device so your system will boot with both drives.