Build Advice Doing a final build check before committing to buying. Please check out my build and give opinions.


Nov 3, 2017

So, I am putting together a new PC to replace my current one, which by now has passed its 12th birthday.

I have several SSDs and HDDs in this thing, so I'll be salvaging them for storage in my new computer. I live in Canada and I am aiming to keep the budget around $1500-1700 Canadian. I'd like to know if this is the best build I am getting for the price.

I am putting together this PC for gaming as well as digital illustration, graphics work and indie gamedev (Blender 3D and a few different game engines), and I tend to prefer Intel/Nvidia parts. I also live in a dry, dusty and cold area, and chose the Fractal Design R5 for this reason: I need a case that I don't have to dust with compressed air every few months, as I am unable to take it outside do to the fact that Canadian winters tend to last around 7 months and the cold air will build condensation on my internals.

So please give me some feedback. Here is the link:
I agree with that. If you can cut the board down but still keep the q flash capability that would be a winner. However you don’t have to get the 13600k, the 12600k is a fine cpu. Here’s a quick comparison. It’s mainly that the 13th gen is the latest. But if you are budget limited there 12600k is still going to be fine. You may in the future find yourself wanting to upgrade it sooner. Have a look and you can get an idea though.

30 dollars for thermal paste?

Could be. I have not checked prices lately, but I'm accustomed to paying 10 bucks for paste.

Some coolers (Noctua for instance) include good thermal paste.

I have no idea on the Asrock motherboard.....but........

Any motherboard can cause random unforeseeable headaches, so there is some degree of hope in all of them. So the Asrock may well be as "OK" as any other, assuming it has the features you need.

On the other hand...CPUs rarely have unforeseeable headaches and very rarely fail. So they are more of a "sure thing".

Therefore, I'd probably take a chance on the Asrock as a tradeoff for getting the known long term benefit of a 13600K over a 12600K.

Unless you can develop a clear cut substantial reason to avoid the Asrock in favor of some other board. Maybe you can.

Looks OK to me generally.
I can’t speak to the specific AsRock board you picked. I’ve got an older AsRock ab350 pro 4 board (and am4 platform) that I got probably in 2017-2018 and it’s been a great board and went from 1st gen ryzen and now has a ryzen 9 5900x installed in there that is humming along fine. In other words I’ve had good luck with AsRock. As long as it has the features needed I don’t think I’d be too uncomfortable with it.

As far as paste, I’m in the USA, but here you can buy Arctic mx4 for reasonable prices. This one isn’t sold by Newegg but it’s shipped by them in Canada.

Mx4 is what I’ve been running on my cpu. Save a few shekels to go into your motherboard/cpu budget.
Alright, so I just learned that I'm getting a bit of a pay raise in December, so I've increased my budget a bit. I figured I'd add some HDD storage.

How's my overall build looking?
Not good.

You've chosen a DDR 5 motherboard. That's fine.

You've chosen DDR 4 RAM. Won't work on a DDR 5 motherboard.

If budget allows, I'd keep the motherboard and change the RAM to DDR 5.

What's the 10 dollar extension cable for?

Your motherboard appears to support PCIe 4 and PCIe 5 SSDs.

Your apparent boot drive is PCIe 3. It will work on your motherboard, but you might consider a PCIe 4 boot drive. Not a big deal.

Nothing wrong with the 6 TB WD Black HDD....but you might not have to spend that much, depending on what it will be used for.


Nov 3, 2017
Also looking at your case I would consider a different one with a front mesh design. As well as due to the drive cages in front, not sure how well that your gpu will fit.
No, like I said, I need this specific case because it is dustproof and I do not want to have to unplug it, take it outside and clean it out with compressed air every three months. I'd rather just clean a few removable filters every so often.