DOJ Arrests Hackers Who Took Over DC Surveillance Cameras

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Well, it's good that they were caught, but embarrassing to the camera vendor and the MPD that the cameras and computers were hacked.

Some of these cameras have operational lives of like 10 years, meaning even if perfectly secure firmware were released today, the cameras in the wild which haven't received updates would remain a vulnerable part of the infrastructure for quite some time.

BTW, they're basically little computers - like Raspberry Pi's - so compromised cameras can actually be used in bot nets and as stepping stones to attack or swamp other elements of physical security infrastructure.
I wonder how the law works for this. While the maximum sentence is 20 years. Is it 20 years per count? Does each camera constitute a separate attempt to collude in wire fraud?

If they are guilty. It seems this would no be the first time. If they did this. There are likely many more crimes they could be nailed for. Depending on what gets found on their computers.
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