Domain login mystery



We’ve been using Win2k at our company for some time now with great success. The overall performance, security, and reliability have been a leaps-and-bounds improvement to Win9x.

However, we have had 3 computers over the past 2-3 months give us problems logging into the company’s network domain. Here’s the scoop of events:

1. One day a User couldn’t login – the message tells you to recheck your password/username (which we did)
2. Unable to login as that any User or Administrator on the network domain, I login as Administrator to the local hard drive (no domain). This lets me in.
3. I notice only Administrator and Guest as the “Users”. Attempting to add networked domain users fail.
4. Finally, when all else failed, I deleted the NIC, rebooted. Bam!…now it allowed the user to login the network domain!
5. So I proceed to setup the appropriate IPs. And everything is fine. Until the user reboots. Then the user is back to Step 1, unable to login . And the cycle continues over and over.

So basically, they must login locally, delete the NIC before they gain access. FYI, the NT server has password “never to expire”. Can anyone explain the logic?


Dec 31, 2007
here is the fix i found worked on mine...
had the same problem.
under I.E goto tools then to internet options.
Then click on connections,
Click on Lan settings.
Uncheck automatically detect settings,
Then check use a proxy server.
Then check bypass proxy server for local addresses.
then u should be able to get in.
if that doesnt work on its own combined that fix
with the irq9 thread and the repair CXG gave me.
then u should be able to do fine afterwards.
okey day?