Dominator platinum Compatible Motherboard

Feb 28, 2018
Hi Guys, ive run into a few issues with my new build. I turn on my PC and while everything lights up and the fans spins, i get no display and no post code, and my peripherals(keyboard) doesn't light up. it also doesn't give any error beeps. ive gone to Reddit and watched hours upon hours of jayztwocents and Linus tech tips, and done every diagnostic measure in the book, to no avail, so i have concluded that it could be one of two things: either my motherboard is broken, or i have incompatible RAM. im going to go ahead and assume that the cheapest option would be to get a new motherboard that is compatible with my ram, which would cove if its incompatible or broken. two birds one stone kind of situation. Ive searched for almost two weeks checking the QVL support for every single AM4 motherboard i could find and i cant find one that supports the exact model of RAM that i have. so as a last ditch effort im reaching out to the community for help, i know someone has to have a compatible motherboard or else they would make the darn things.

i need a compatible motherboard for an AMD Ryzen 7 and corsair dominator platinum

Here is a list of my parts:

The serial for the ram that i have is: CMD16GX4M2B3200C16
the motherboard has to have this model on its QVL Supported list


Nov 17, 2017
Look, I have a Ryzen 1700 and Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM that is not in the QVL list of my motherboard and works like a charm. By checking online it seems that people are running Ryzen CPUs with that RAM so I don't see why it shouldn't work for you too. Maybe one of your components is faulty. Since it is a new build I'd recommend you to turn off and disconnect any HDD/SSD you got, remove the SATA cables and try to boot. If it shows you the BIOS let it set up, turn the system off and connect the HDD/SSD back. Happened many times to me when I was upgrading from old CPU & Mobo to new ones.

You said you have done every diagnostic measure but most times no one thinks about the Hard Drivers that usually are the problem.

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