Question Don’t know what happen to my computer.

Mar 7, 2019
Okay please don’t roast me but this is what happen. I got some new ram to put in my brother computer so I installed the new ram and since I recently got liquid metal conductonaut I wanted to use it. So I put some and of course I put a little too much I put some back and use what was left. So I spread it out on the cpu and heat sink. I put on the aio cooler and when I turned on the computer at first it turns on and seemed to work but didn’t get a signal to monitor. I thought I had to clear the cmos so I took it apart again and I wanted to check if the liquid metal moved and put the cooler back then I put the pc back together and nothing happens when I push the power button. nothing turns on. So I checked it again and saw that some liquid metal was on the cpu tension bracket I don’t know if that caused anything. please help I don’t know what part is broken.


That stuff is conductive so it's probably got it's way into the socket.

Remove everything and clean best you can and hope for the best nothing is fried.

When applying paste just a pea drop on cpu is needed then put the block on.



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