Discussion Done to death - anti static measures..

Aug 26, 2020
Ok, I have built a couple of home pc's, and generally there is a few years between each one. I always get thinking about anti static measures / grounding / earthing - call it what you will.

The vast majority of posts advocate that all you need to do is 'touch the pc case' and you dont need to buy an anti-static strap.
No expansion on that advice - just to touch the case. This is probably a popular answer as everyone has read it in a forum somewhere and is just passing it on.

So - can someone explain to me - you have your PC components ready to fit - a shiny new case to fit them into - how is touching the case going to discharge any static from your body?
The case is pretty much insulated from ground / earth - wooden table legs maybe ? rubber feet on the case?

Or we are told - touch a heating radiator or metal pipe to do the same thing.
How many homes have exposed bare metal pipes these days? touching a painted surface wont have the same effect.

Wouldn't the better advice be - fit the PSU and plug it in - but do not switch it on at the wall socket?
that way there should be an earth path to the house earth wiring ( I am in the UK )

In the same vein - people say if you have an anti-static strap - attach it to the PC case - this also seems to me to be wrong advice - as unless the case is also connected to earth / ground, then it wont do a thing.

You can guess I am not an electrician so I might be totally wrong !


Mar 16, 2013
You just need to equalize the voltage potential between your body and the case and components.
Touching the case does this.
A wrist strap just does it continuously. But is annoying and gets in the way.