Don't Buy computers


Feb 2, 2009
Well I'm a very unhappy customer of Its been a month now since everything started (1/5/09). When I got the computer is arrived 2 weeks after i order it. I worked for about 6 hours than quit. The power suppy went out. I took me a week with over 10 phone calls and 6 emails to final get someone to help me. I had to threaten them that I was going to make a stop payment on my credit card till someone help resolve my problem. After a quick 3 minute test on my power suppy they agreed to ship me a new power suppy. I don't know about you guys, but I you spend $1200 one a computer with a 3 year warranty, why would they make me install a new power suppy? I built computers before and know how to do it but that is the reason why i got them to build i don't have to. Well again its been about a week now since they were going to ship me a new power supply. If I didn't have an old computer with a power supply i would be out of a computer for a month now. They have the wost customer service I'll seen. I even emailed them telling them that I was going to write negative comments about their products and they didn't care. I hope my experience saves you guys a big disappointment


Dude, you got to do something. I imagine it is too late to do a stop payment on your credit card right now. But then again with some credit card companies they can pull strings and get you your money back. They need to fix that power supply issue for you. Because if something else breaks then they are going to blame it on you damaging something while installing the replacement power supply.

If they don't reason with you I would say get a lawyer and sue them for the amount of the PC, plus legal fees, plus compensation for the hassle they put you though.