Don't know what size tower to get

I'm going to start building my own PC soon and I don't know what size tower to get mid or full. Here is what I'm thinking for hardware

Sesonic 850 psu
1 or maybe 2 HDD's
8 gigs of ram
hyper 212 fan and heatsink
Radeon 6970

My biggest concearn is first to make sure eveything fits especially the video card. Secondly cooling. I would like to get 2 Radeon 6970 cards and my concearn is that the two cards alone will create so much heat that a midtower will build up heat to fast causing problems.


Nov 30, 2009
A Mid size tower should easily fit those parts keep in mind that full towers can be Very big iv seen 25+ pound full towers and in general there for builds with multiple Gpu's or allot of HDD or water cooling to multiple parts. And to address your concern a 6970 will fit and as long as you have decent circulation with fans you will be fine. Keeping in mind that with out proper air flow even a full size case will heat up fast. *Disclaimer all mid sizes cases are not created equal some have poor lay outs and the size can vary by as much as 2 inch's in length and height.
Thanks. I think I'll just got with the mid tower. 23"+ in high and 22-23" in length I think will be to much. Here is the tower I'm thinking of getting. I like the two fans in front for intake. It has a big fan on top for outake and a small fan in the back like most compters. It also has a slot on the side panel for another intake fan to blow air on the CPU.


Mid Tower would be fine, just double check the inside measurements of the case from the manufacturer website so you ensure there's enough space to fit the 6970 in there.

Full Tower would also work, since its considerably bigger, but also comes with a much bigger price tag.

Also make sure your case is at least 19cm wide to fit that Hyper212+ in, and 22-23cm wide if you wish to have side fans on the case aswell.

I have to check again but I think that case 8.6 or 9 inches in width so it should definitly be wide enough.