Question don't know what to buy

May 25, 2019
cpu ryzen 5 2600x
mother board msi a320 pro vh plus
ram 16gb hyper x fury ddr4
psu atx power supply model atx 700w
case neutron I-on model 1026(to know if the Gpu will fit on my case xd)
resolution 1080p
dont have gpu yet going to buy plz help
i have electron power supply model atx 700x
That's a very poor quality GENERIC PSU. It won't cut the mustard. This is not a gaming power supply unit. And, assuming you want to buy the RX 590 GPU, then you need 500~550 Watts power supply unit as the minimum, high quality unit that is, from the likes of EVGA, Corsair, ANTEC, SEASONIC, FSP, Cooler master, BE Quiet, just to name a few. I'm skeptical about the power output/delivery of this Electron PSU.

BTW, the RX 590 isn't really much faster than an RX 580, so are you sure that you want to spend some extra cash on the RX 590 ? This card is also more power hungry. The GTX 1660 Ti/1660 or some other Nvidia card might be a much better option, IMO.