Don't know


Jul 31, 2009
What graphic card do you recommend?

Just got a used Dell Percision 530 workstation...(tower)
1.5 gig RAM
1.5 Xeon Duel
**current graphic card is Nvida quardro 2MXR/EX 32 MB....This will not work... need at least 128-256mb
H E L P !!!!!

Need a new graphic card to play SIMS 3

I believe I have an AGP slot or PCIe...not sure

I am willing to spend $50.00-$100.00...what's the best card I can get maybe $150.00 uhhhm...maybe?
For an AGP slot card I'd definitely order online. I doubt real stores still carry many and if they do they are probably very limited in selection and overpriced.
Get the card ct1615 linked. It will do fine for Sims 3 on moderate settings.