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May 13, 2015
I decided it's time to upgrade my ram as my laptop often struggles with simple games like CS:GO, or older and not very hardware consuming games like Cities Skylines, Assasin's Creed 3, Life is strange, etc. And from what I know the integrated graphics (hd 520) also works better with more RAM. So naturally, I wanted to check what type do I have: frequency, latency, voltage. The problem is, task mananger shows 2400 mhz, cmd prompt also shows 2400mhz, CPU-Z shows 2400mhz under the "SPD" tag, but under the "Memory" tag it shows 1064mhz which is equivalent to 2133 mhz, and in PowerShell it also shows 2133mhz. My idea is that i probably have 2400mhz RAM that is currently set at 2133mhz. The problem is that the only thing my BIOS shows about memory is how much there is and nothing more. There is no XMP option (at least i don't think there is). So i don't think I can set it to work at 2400mhz. Probably because the RAM on this laptop it's not meant to be modified/overclocked. The latency and voltage are clear: 15 and 1.2V. I also think it's weird how i have 3 free slots on my laptop because usually laptops only have 1 upgradable slot, but I also scanned my laptop on Crucial and it says the same thing. I have windows 10, BIOS version I think it's 306 or 307 but I would like to avoid upgrading it to 311 (update version given to my model: X541UAK by asus on their site) if possible.
IN CONCLUSION, THE QUESTION IS: Do I have to look for 2400mhz or 2133mhz RAM? AND, is it necessary to have the same manufacturer (Samsung)?
Also, I'm not sure if i should go for 8gb total or try to go for 12gb(3x4 or 4+8) or 16gb(4x4). I have an i36006U with intel hd graphics 520, so i don't think it's worth going over 8gb.
Here are some screenshots with the values i just explained: View:

I hope this post is not a complete mess.
Thanks in advance.
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