News Don't Rule Out Activision Blizzard's Games Coming to GeForce Now


Jul 31, 2015
So with Geforce Now! you have to still buy the games to be able to play them through the service. So what business is it of those companies if I chose to play them from the Geforce Now! service or off of my own hard drive. I paid for the right to play them which gives me the license and the right to play them as I see fit.

My take is they have no real legal speak in the terms of service for this type of game play and once they get their legal departments fired up and put some more mumble jumbo legal speak in the new terms of service to cover this type of play we will see the games from these companies returning to the Geforce Now! service. I bet there will be a bit heftier price for those that want to play the games from Geforce Now! and other services like this as well. If they feel they can gouge more money from the end users of coarse they will do that.

This is clearly a money thing to get more money out of it all as well as adding new legal speak into the terms of service to make sure they have more control over everything.