Jan 18, 2009
i was playing crysis warhead, it runs fine, and in that mission where there is giant alien monster crawling from behind the mountains; i went under it and during all the action, the whole screen turns pure green while the music is still playing. so i pushed every button to quit but none worked, even the power button didnt do anything. so i opted for a restart but that didnt work at all, as the computer itself restarted with weird beeeping like hardware failure and the screen never changed. after pressing the restart button a couple of times i pushed the power button and that work as it closed the computer instantly.

this amazed me, so i played same level again battling same monster, and done the same thing, went under him and green screen again happened. what does this mean? is there something wrong with the card? its new. or is there something wrong with the game? this never happened before in any other game. btw it happens at the same exact place in the game.

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