Dota 2 Unusual Stuttering/Lag - FPS is normal (60) and ping is normal (30ms)

May 16, 2018
Having quite an unusual video problem in Dota 2.

My FPS remains at 60 and I have 30 ping and no packet loss, yet there is still some very unusual stuttering/lag. The game is just about playable but it is very annoying definitely affects my performance. Increasing graphics settings does not make the problem worse, decreasing graphics settings does not fix the problem.

My computer is quite old, but up until now I had been playing on medium settings with no issues. I have also tried reducing graphics settings and resolution to the lowest possible settings - this has no effect on the stutter.

Anyone else have a similar issue/know a solution?

I have tried completely re installing Steam, Dota 2 and my operating system. Iv also cleaned the GPU and CPU, and tried playing Dota on C drive and D drive.

Here are my specs: Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series Memory Size - 1024 MB Memory Type - GDDR5 Core Clock - 900 MHz Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit) System Memory - 8 GB CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz

Apr 17, 2018
Ever since Valve introduced its highly anticipated 7.00 Update for Dota 2, players have been reporting issues linked to the infamous Dota 2 Stuttering. This issue was somewhat fixed with the previous updates, however, it has now made a return to the MOBA. More so, with the game now running update 7.08, reports suggest the Dota 2 fps stutter issue still persist in the game.

These are the fixes:

1. Make sure all of the drivers on your computer are up-to-date, especially the ones for your GPU
2. Close down any background application which is either using up your internet or is using up a lot of your system’s space
3. Scan and defrag all of the drives, especially the ones where Dota 2 and Steam are located
4. Lower your graphics and video settings. This will lower the stress on the internet and your PC, hence ensuring increased performance
5. Switch “Power Options” to “High ”
6. Check out computer’s temps. If reaching above 70C, try giving your PC a break or install additional fans or switch to liquid cooling.
7. Adjust Windows for “Best Performance” rather than quality
8. Run Dota 2 as Admin
9. Add Dota 2 to “High Priority” from the Task Manager
10. Check if VPN is active. If so, then disable it for the time you are playing the game
11. Disable Windows Defender (temporarily)
12. Disable Firewall (temporarily)
13. Check Anti-virus settings for any blockages or network restrictions
14. Switch to a wired connection rather than wireless
15. Put –dx11 in the Steam Launch Options for Dota 2

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