Double Image - Or Ghosting on Monitor


Aug 29, 2012
First off I'm not sure this really falls in this category, so if an admin could move it to the right place that would be great.

Now for my problem: While I'm playing BF3, and I'm flying in a jet; I always see a second image of the jet and it looks really weird... I have a 1ms response time on my monitor which it says is supposed to reduce the ghosting effect. Any ideas why this is happening?


Jan 7, 2012
I have same problem when games are running at 30fps or near 30fps . this is not a monitors fault, this is how you PC works ,I've changed 3monitors ,CPU,RAM,MOBO,tried three different PCs . Everyone said this is my monitors fault or cable etc , It's seems non of suggestions founded on internet were right . So I guess If your frames do not match your monitors refresh rate(60Hz=60fps) you'll get ghosting ,doubling etc . Try this -set to 30fps if you have 60hz monitor ,if 50hz set to 25fps to the ball ,turn off motion blur and tell me do you see ghosting when ball moves at 30fps?
P.s -not every man is sensitive to ghosting . For me it's distracting ,others will say change monitor etc just because they can't notice this even if they are looking at doubled image on their own PCs.

Good Example image is captured from a youtube video with a bad quality it's seems many people have this problem.