Oct 20, 2012
I am trying to play Euro Truck Simulator (Don't hate) and I have two monitors, one 1920x1080 and one 1280x1024.
I would love to be able to see more to the right so I can see the right rear view mirror, but I am not sure.
I want to keep the first monitor (1920x1080) centered, but have my second monitor just expand my view, possible?
not possible im afraid unless the game allows for multi monitors like x3. but so many dont so all you can do is share the screen space equally between monitors...
you could try using the hydra vision app in ccc panel if you have an ati card as that allows you to order your screens to some extent but i dont think it will do what you want it to do in that you want to basically set up 1 screen for the main display and have a second as set up like a psp for the ps3 acting like a rear view mirror.
the only reason it works on ps3 is because its programmed into the game... on pc you have 1 active desktop thats consists of all available sreenspace.