Question Doubt about air flow from CoolerMaster Masterair MA610P

Oct 27, 2021

I recently bought a CoolerMaster Masterair MA610P with dual Masterfan MF120R RGB.

I have 3 coolers on the front of the cabinet that bring air from the outside to the inside of the equipment.

I also have 1 cooler at the back of the cabinet that draws the air from inside the equipment to the outside.

In the middle is the tower of the Masterair MA610P. The idea is to continue with the air flow that enters from the front and leaves from behind, but I have doubts about how the two fans that the M4610P brings are working since, at first glance and by the position in which the fans, it seems that the two of them are pulling the air out, which would be hindering the correct air flow.

The instruction manual does not indicate anything. Can someone who has this same cooler give me any indication about this?

Thank you in advance.


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the 2 fans on the Masterair MA610P are set up to remove all the heat from the CPU heatsink they are mounted on, that is why they exhaust air into case so that the air coming from 3 intake fans can blow the heat out the back.

Its how its meant to work. its perfectly fine.
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