Question Doubt connector argb motherboard x570

Dec 5, 2021
Hello and greetings from the south of Spain.

I would like to ask a question I have about my x570 board.

I have a x570 motherboard asus rog crosshair viii hero wifi.

I would like to know if I can connect 4 halos phanteks to a single argb connector.

According to specifications of the phanteks halo, it has 30 LEDs and consumes 1 amp.

According to motherboard specifications, each argb connector supports 3 amps and 120 LEDs.

With 3 halos, in theory, the max of amps supported by of the mb connector would be reached.

With 4 halos, the 120 max support leds of the mb connector would be reached.

Then I could connect 4 halos to a single argb connector, without problems for the motherboard ???