Doubts about temp reporting on GA-F2A88XM-D3H


Oct 24, 2013
This is something I've been noticing for a long time (since November 2013 when I built this system), but my Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H is giving me temperatures that seem really unlikely given the minimal load the system is under and flat out common sense.

The BIOS routinely reports CPU temperatures of over 80 C under minimal load (AMD A10-6800K). When I load the BIOS off a cold, overnight boot it claims CPU temperature is 75 C immediately, and it goes up to about 86 C within a couple minutes of just sitting in the BIOS setup. It separately reports Core Temperatures for all four cores at 64 C. It also claims the "System Temperature" is 40 C, immediately on a cold boot in a room where the ambient temperature is 20 C.

The weirder thing is these temperatures don't seem to be impacted by load or running the system all day. After 14 hours it still reports the exact same Core Temperatures at 64 C and the exact same System Temperature of 40 C. CPU temperature is the only thing that ever changes, and that's always in the 75-86 C range.

None of this is new, and I've observed the exact same thing throughout the life of the system. The only reason I'm asking now is because I got bored and started poking around in settings tonight, and it got me curious about what the deal is with both the super high reported CPU Temperature (and why it's different from individual core temperatures) and why neither core or system numbers ever change.


Maybe they are reporting Margin Temps - how many degrees C to Tj max - the max temp.

Sometimes amd Overdrive software helps in determining amd CPU temps. Try it.

But sometimes amd temp sensors seem to be screwy.
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