Question Doubts and advice on buying a gaming monitor


Jun 7, 2014
I have a doubt about the characteristics of the monitor to buy and use for gaming.

I currently have a 24" 1080p TN.
My need is to upgrade the monitor, with the aim of:

a) switch to a 27-28 "
b) increase the resolution to 2k or 4k
c) improve the stuttering that can occurs even in conditions of 50-60 fps, always playing with activated vsync, hating tearing
d) in any case improve the gaming experience from all points of view)
e) Freesync or g.sync

I use last fps game or action rpg, always with details to the maximum (as far as possible of course and the playable ... 40-60 fps) and with medium level VGA, not from 500-800 euros.

My questions, for which I ask you for advice, are the following:

1) in my situation, having a frequency higher than 60Hz, while never playing higher than 60-70 fps, in itself already improves the fluidity of the image? Or is it useless to use a 144Hz monitor?

2) in my case, the purchase of a 2k or 4k maybe it is better to orient it on a 60 or 90Hz?

3) does a game from 60 to 100 fps have a much higher fluidity and, above all, more pleasant in the gaming experience or do you notice much?

4) do you notice a better image quality going from a TN to an IPS or VA? ... if yes, maybe it is better to direct the choice to a better panel than the TN?
anything >=90fps will be noticeably smoother compared to 60fps.

if you're never going to even attempt to reach ~120fps, than 144Hz is unnecessary. you can usually find a 100Hz with better options for a little less money.
but there's always the future to think about. you may decide to go for >=120fps and then you would be limited by the lower refresh rate.

a lot of the decisions should be based on what the rest of your system specs are currently or are going to be.


Apr 9, 2020
What graphics card do you have? If you won't be touching 144 hz, simply buy a 75hz or 120hz monitor unless you want to "future proof" it. The guy above me says 60 to 90 is a noticeable difference, but I slightly disagree. You will probably notice it but within a day or two, it will feel like 60 hz. 60 to a 100 or more hz will be a noticeable difference. IPS is the most luxurious panel but if you are going to 240 hz, then TN or VA will be the way to go. But IPS is the most expensive usually. If you will be playing on 2k or 4k gaming and want 60+ fps, you will need atleast a 2070 super, and thats for 4k gaming on a very low demanding game like fortnite, overwatch, League of legends.