Dec 29, 2016
Hi y'all, I haven't posted with a problem in a while but this one is really bugging me. My roomates and I have had problems with our ethernet recently that have been beyond frustrating. Both of my roomates have switched to WIFI over ethernet because of slow download speeds, but I don't have the luxury of having over 30Mb ethernet built into my PC. For whatever reason, most websites and other things load fine over our connection but YouTube, GMail, GDrive, and similar services either take ages to load, or in the case of YouTube, load in 240p streaming but nothing more even though we have a Gigabit connection.

My roomate is a professional network engineer but doesn't have the time outside of work to worry about weird ethernet specific connection issues, so I would like to come up with a solution while they're gone on vacation for a week. I've tried everything under the sun to make my connection work on my personal computer, but nothing seems to do the trick for more than 10min. If anyone could guide me, or tell me what other information I need to give out to make it work, it would be really appreciated.

We've been dealing with this for almost half a year now but I'm just completely fed up with not being able to watch YouTube or download steam games over ethernet. To Summarize, WIFI works great no matter what device we're using, but ethernet on any device has a peak download of ~700Mb then drops down to 0Mb and stays there for eternity. For whatever reason, download on any Google page is completely not working, downloading for any other website/app peaks then resets down to 0Mb where it stays for the majority of the time before climbing back up to peak and rapidly diving back to 0Mb.

We all run Windows 10,
I'm not sure what WIFI/Ethernet cards/chips they have in their computers but mine are:
802.11bgn 1T1R Wireless Adapter (Asus Z170-E built in ethernet chip)
Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-v

I'm personally connected to a network extender that runs through the coax in my room. Everything was working amazing until a few months ago when all of our ethernet connections pooped the bed simultaneously. IDK if it's related at all, but I am unable to connect to my software VPN anymore, the only VPN I can connect to is through my Opera GX browser, but I'm not entirely sure that's a full fledged VPN.

If anyone could at the very least point me in the right direction to clear up this problem that would be much appreciated. We've tried everything short of calling the ISP out to our house, which I can't do since my name isn't with them. I've reached my tipping point. I can't stand not being able to download games at full speed, let alone check my GDrive or watch YouTube. It's beyond frustrating and I'm not good enough with networks to understand what the problem is.


I've tried everything under the sun to make my connection work on my personal computer, but nothing seems to do the trick for more than 10min.
This is where you state what you've done, so that we're not repeating suggestions that didn't work for you.

What version of Windows 10 are all the system's operating off of? BIOS versions for all their system's including yours? You will need to state their chipset/motherboard make and model as well. Since you state the issue to over ethernet, it's quite possible that the origination of the cables, is the root cause of the issue. Make and model of your network extender? You might also want to find out the make and model of your networking switch/router from where the Ethernet cables are originating.