Download speed degradation over time. Router or ISP issue?


Feb 25, 2012
I'm having issues with my download speed lately and I need to know whether it's my router that's causing the problem or my ISP.

When I leave the router on for a couple of days, without rebooting it, my download speed degrades to about 40-50% of what it usually is and when I reboot it the speed is back to normal.

It's a 150Mbps Wireless N router, model SBN WR11N R2. I have no idea what brand it is, my ISP gave it to me a few years ago. Seems to be running some custom firmware installed by the ISP.

Is this issue caused by the router dying, or is it something with the ISP? Thanks in advance!
If you reboot it and the connection is back to the way it should be sounds like the router. Most isps will replace it for free though, so I would suggest contacting them first.


Feb 9, 2009
Since this is an issue that has repeated with many users of the internet regardless of isp. Or even having identical hardware/routers...

It would seem that this issue is niether the router or the isp. But the ISP and user can do various things to temporarily restore fast speeds. These fixes Generally last until the pc reboots.

It also seems to coincide with the recent solar activity. Sometimes disconnecting the etherlines and powering down the router etc...then grounding the etherlines...Like taking static off a tv screen...simply touch it...Helps remedy the issues temporarily for a longer period as well.

There are many,many things that can influence transmission of data/power over copper. Or wifi.