Question Download speed insanely slow after Windows 10 reset. Go from 20Mbps to around 50KB/s download. Youtube not affected.


Dec 24, 2015
I just recently did a reset of my Windows 10, clearing all my files. When I started rebuilding my software, I saw the download speed was insanely slow, such as when trying to install spotify, the download takes 180 minutes when it shouldn't take one. Sometimes, when downloading, it just doesn't even detect the internet.

Google chrome and website loading also seems to be slower, but youtube videos for some reason work perfectly fine. I can watch a youtube video at 720p, x2 speed, with no buffering, which im sure requires more speed than 50kbps.

Internet was fine before the reset, and it works good on my laptop and mobile devices, in the same area.

I've tried all the fixes:

  1. I have the most updated network driver, manually downloaded from the manufacturer (which took 11 minutes to download a 6MB file).
  2. I've tried lowering my bandwith limitation from 20% to 0% in the group policy editor
  3. I've disabled peer to peer downloading
Basically I did everything here:

Nothing works, I even downloaded drivereasy, which says i have 21 outdated drivers, but none of them seem relevant to wireless connection.

Any solutions? Thanks guys.