Question Download speed is not anywhere close to what is should be.


Nov 18, 2017
My download speed is limited to only 1-5 mb/s. I pay for 500mb/s and when I run any internet speed test it shows 450+. This doesn't change if I use different ethernet cords or WIFI instead of ethernet. Other devices in the house work at an appropriate speed. It also doesn't seem to matter the server of which I'm downloading as any download is going at the same speed whether it's something from google/steam/ Other devices also download at a much quicker speed from these same servers. Someone suggested disabling my IPv6 which I did to no avail. I've also tried to use three different drives as the installation destination. I've also gotten a new router and modem which didn't help. Any further help would be greatly appreciated!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Make and model: modem, router, or modem/router if combined.

On your computer run "ipconfig /all'' (without quotes) via the Command Prompt and post here.

(You should be able to copy and paste the results without any need to retype it all.)

You can also compare the results to the "ipconfig /all" of another device in your house that is working at speed.

Likely some configuration error of omission or commission.
What is strange is speedtest actually is a file download and upload it just to keep the file. On very fast internet connections it will try to run mulitple data streams like steam or torrents to increase the speed. So you would think steam would run ok also.

The main difference I suspect is one is browser based and the other is a client. Maybe try to download a very large file like a window 10 install image from microsoft. Watch the rates you get on the resource manager network page. If it is a browser vs non browser thing you should get good rates to microsoft.

I would look for any so called "gamer" network software that claims to accelerate game traffic. It comes bundled with the bloatware with many motherboards and video cards. A very common name is CFOSspeed but there are a number of others. Uninstall any software that claims to favor one kind of traffic or anything that talks about QoS.
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