Question Download speed is slower on computer vs phone/laptop

Apr 13, 2020
I've looked up other posts similar to mine, but have not found a solution yet. Here's some info :

Windows 10 OS
TP-Link Archer T6E (802.11ac)

Connecting to xFi Advance Gateway Model XB6, supporting protocols A,N,AC for 5GHz. Supports up to 1 Gbps.

I run a speed test on my computer, MacBook, and iPhone, using various speed test sites and the MacBook/iPhone download speeds are always significantly higher. I did speed tests on my computer while the phone and MacBook were not connected to the internet. See results below.
MacBook = 500 Mbps
iPhone = 257.9 Mbps
Computer = 41.1 Mbps

google speed test:
MacBook = 426 Mbps
iPhone = 219.3 Mbps
Computer = 29.5 Mbps

On my computer, the speed listed under Wi-Fi Status (Control Panel->Network & Sharing -> Wi-Fi) shows 526.5 Mbps. The signal quality is 4/5 bars.

Here's the troubleshooting I have tried:
1) Reset Router, remove network names & password, reboot. No change.

2) Control Panel -> Network & Sharing -> change adapter settings -> Internet Protocol -> Properties, used several DNS server addresses but no difference between them and obtaining DNS server automatically. Reboot and no change.

3) Uninstalled Norton Anti-virus, no change in speed. Quit Malwarebytes, no change in speed.

4) Updated Wi-Fi drivers automatically through Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> TP-LINK -> Update. Also, I went to the TP-LINK website to download latest driver. Reboot and no change.

5) Cleared cookies, cache, ect and no change. Used different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) all have the same results.

6) Cleared temp files using Window Key + R, typing "temp" & delete files in folder, "%temp%" delete files, "prefetch" delete files. Reboot and no change.

I remember reading about how Ryzen had software that was restricting download speeds. The problem was fixed once it was disabled. Anything similar with Intel, Asus, or Nvidia?

Next step is to use an ethernet cable and plug directly into the router. I didn't try this yet because it's a hassle to unplug and move everything since I don't have a long enough ethernet cable.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Any help is appreciated.