Question Download Speed Nowhere Near What I Should Be Getting


May 29, 2015
Simple enough question. When I use a website like I get results saying my download speeds are around 800mbps, which is about 100mBps, yet when I actually download things, no matter what site or app they're from, I get speeds around 10mBps, Even if I have everything closed out and no one else in the house is using internet, and my ethernet cable is certainly fast enough for it. So why is this?
Speedtest is designed for short burst of high speed download. Speedtest is actually a file download it just does not save the file. So technically your machine does download files at high speed.

It could be the other sites have a limit on how much they will allow you to take. It only takes a very small number of users that have gigabit connection to use all the upload bandwidth even from fairly large companies.

I would try to download a win10 image or other very large file form microsoft. Microsoft has huge bandwidth and has not limits. The only days you see some slowness is on the day a new patch comes out. You will need to watch the speed in the network tab of the resource monitor to get the rates.

If this has issues I would try to copy files between pc in your house and see how fast a rate you can get.

Although it may not be the case if you have a killer chipset in your pc it could be limiting you. They have silly so called "gamer" network software that messes stuff up all the time.


Jan 16, 2014
Try the dslreports speedtest. I've found that to be the most accurate for US isps.

Also, keep in mind where what is being downloaded is being written to--I have seen different download speeds for things depending on how fast the file can be written to a drive, and that may be a bigger limiting factor.