Question download speed slowed down and pc speed slowed down


Jan 1, 2017

I had 2 small problem with my computer first is my internet it's not a big problem and it won't be a big deal if it doesn't get fixed
a month or 2 ago my download speed went down from 20MBps to between 5 and 10MBps i don't mind it that much but I would be grateful if someone could help me fix this problem

second problem is that my pc seemed to slow down in starting up after upgrading my cpu (i5 7600k) and motherboard (mortar b250m) and my ram (forgot the ram name but it's 16gb with 2400mhz) my start up time went down significantly then with my fx8350 with ddr3 ram and also my cpu usage seems to be on 100% all the time again I would be grateful if someone helped me with this
You might want to call your ISP about the slowness maybe there is something wrong with the wires coming to your house.

The PC issue depends what you mean. Microsoft messed up again big time with the latest patches. Seems there is a issue a lot of third party virus protection software. Some people machines were taking hours to boot. I have not kept track the temp fix was to boot into safe mode uninstall the virus software and boot into normal mode. If the virus software guys updated their stuff you can then install the new version of the virus software.
With the internet problem I would check your drivers and see if your erthenet card needs updating. Also use the task manager to see if there is anything running that is leaching out or using up internet bandwith. Also what do you use to store the files you are downloading? With your new system starting up slow, do you have fast boot enabled in bios, and in windows power setting you can check for fast start up setting also. For your cpu running at 100% all the time, check your windows power setting and check to see what power setting it is in, high power would keep your cpu at max readiness. Blanced would let it ramp up to whatever is needed.