Question Download speeds incredibly slow

Oct 1, 2018
Hi please I need help I am about to lose it. I have a 110Mbps download/ 34 upload speed as a result in speedtest Ookla. When downloading games I get very slow download speeds that it is so stupid. Below 1MBps and maybe even in the KBps. This is ridiculous. I had wireless connection. But after, I bought the ethernet cable cat6 and now I have wired connection. And Still I GET INCREDIBLY SLOW DOWNLOAD SPEEDS. It is really a joke. I downloaded COD modern warfare in 25 HOURS! the beta was already gone by then. Downloading a game in 25 HOURS while paying for high internet speed is just none sense. Unfortunately do not know how to put pictures to show you the results i am getting. I tried every possible way. PLEASE HELP ME!
lots of things come into play when downloading.
First is where you are located and who you are downloading from is located.
The further away the more hops or nodes it passes through makes a huge difference.
Second is download demand over congested infrastructure where you are downloading from.
I have 25mbps down and 1.75mbps up in test. I have the fastest internet available in my area.
But most downloads do not even come close to those "SpeedTest" results.