[SOLVED] Download speeds on steam and other game launchers

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Mar 28, 2020
I currently have a networking problem that i can't quite find a solution to. I currently have fiber network with 1000mbps speeds, and with services like speedtest.net and fast.com i am seeing my 1000mbps speeds on both downloads and uploads, so everything semes fine.
The problem occurs when going to download things from for example Steam. I never reach speeds over 25mb/s, while i guess i should be seeing speeds closer to 100mb/s.
I can't seem to wrap my brain arround what it is that could be causing this issue, simply because my computer obviously gets served the correct speed, and others are able to get download speeds of arround 100mb/s.
Does anyone have a good idea as to why this is happening?

You could try downloading a win10 image from microsoft. Microsoft has huge bandwidth and other than on a patch day it runs very fast.

If you get the rated speed on speedtest sites then your network and everything in the path is functional. It has to be something with steam. Steam is very strange even when it is working well. Some games download very slow compared to others. I have stopped one game and downloaded another just to be sure.

Not sure if steam has put caps on but sony has outright stated they have capped the rates because of the increased demand.

The only thing I can think of on your machine itself that would make steam be different than other downloads is some software. The worst offenders tend to be the "gamer" network things. Killer chipset are really bad about this but asus bundles some "gamer first" stuff that also causes issues.

I was considering upgrading by internet but then I watched how steam runs. It would spend 5 minutes do its pre allocating or whatever, then it would take a few minutes to actually download the game and then take another 10-15 minutes installing it. So even if I cut the download time to zero minutes the vast majority of the time was not even related to my internet speed.
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