Download windows mail in windows 7

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Inte VARFÖR , män HUR Kan JAG Ladda ner Windows Mail ( integrerade Windows Live Mail ) i min Nya Windows 7? ? : sova :


Ovanstående är felöversatt ! Jag har redan Windows Live Mail. Frågan gäller endast hur jag kan ladda ner WINDOWS Mail i Windows 7.


Sep 2, 2010
When Windows Mail is first run it should prompt to set Windows Mail as default. In some environments, having Windows Live Mail installed may cause conflicts, so it may be necessary to remove it.
You can download
1.Just download and run the attachment.
2. Remove WinMail.exe attributes to view hidden files.
A) Open: Start Menu ==> All Programs ==> Accessories ==> Run.
B) Type the following code exactly as shown, (or highlight, copy and paste it), into the Run Command box; and then click "OK":
3. In Windows Mail folder, take full control of the file "msoe.dll" as follows.
A) Download and install Take Ownership to add it.
4. Download and save the appropriate Vista Windows Mail "msoe.dll" file from the following attachments:
B) Open: Start Orb ==> Computer ==> C: Drive ==> Program Files ==> Windows Mail folder ==> Right click: "msoe.dll" file ==> In drop down menu click: Take Ownership.
5. To enable Windows Calendar in Windows Mail.
6. To import Contacts, Accounts, Folders & Emails.
In 64bit Windows 7 installations there are two sets of program files . It is essential to copy and paste the 64bit Vista Windows Mail file "msoe.dll" into the Windows Mail folder in the normal Program Files. The same applies when importing 64bit Windows Calendar - See Step 5.
Do NOT import it to the 32bit Windows Mail folder in Program Files(x86).
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