Downloading Origin games bought with VPN



I am living temporarily in a country where Dragon Age: Inquisition has been removed from the Origin store due to 'contentious' (same-sex relationship) content, but wish to play the game now, as I would be able to if I was in my home country. So I recently bought the game on the Origin store (via browser) using a VPN and it all went smoothly.

My question is about the download process - is it necessary to use the VPN for the entire download, or only at activation, or not at all? My bandwidth is pretty low here so it would be good if the VPN wasn't needed. I don't plan to play online at all, just gotta get the game downloaded and installed.

Many thanks in advance! :)

The Paladin

you will probably need to keep the vpn service running for the complete download install, as turning it off would reset your networking service and cut to download off, also if it is indeed "blocked content" in the county you are currently in, then if you try to launch it without the vpn, it is likely to not connect to any servers to run the game itself. so the vpn will have to remain on as well while playing.


Thanks so much for this Paladin. :) very informative. Maybe I'll just wait until I leave the country to download it at least - if my VPN cuts out (as it tends to occasionally) I guess they will immediately clue on to it and probably ban me...Once I have the game set up I guess I can just play offline at all times.

Unless you or anyone know an easy way to stop the VPN from allowing the usual connection to come back when a connection cuts out? I am very new to VPN usage.
Apr 30, 2018

Well depends on the VPN I guess. Some like to disconnect. But for example NordVPN has a kill switch so if the VPN disconnects, the whole connection is killed.

And yeah, you would need to download while on the VPN, because the connection would interrupt and your real IP would show.