Question Downloading steam games causes pc wifi to crash ?

Guy Guyman

Jun 3, 2015
As the title says any time I download from steam (AND ONLY STEAM) my pc wifi starts to degrade and eventually crash. Forcing me to disconnect and reconnect. I was able to download both nvidia drivers, and windows updates without issue (though the windows update came with issues of its own) but any steam download or update is out of the question. I have tried several things below:
Contacting ISP and swapping out modem and router
Updating windows, wifi and intel drivers
exchanging pcie card for a new one
Reinstalling steam, flushing steam DNS, changing steam download location, limiting bandwith
Changing power settings for windows and pcie card
Adding CafeRate (8000) to steam registry
Disabling the ability for windows to throttle downloads via sharing option in control panel

I am at my wits end with this issue and updating to windows 20H2 update made things worse for the system overall. Has anyone else had a similar issue before and found a fix? I am on 5G connection with 300 down and 20 up, ISP is spectrum and my card is a TP-LINK Archer TX3000E. Downloads to either the SSD or HDD both cause it to disconnect.
What happens if you just copy large files between machines in your house. Does it do the same thing if you use ethernet. What happens if you download say a win10 image from microsoft. Microsoft has massive bandwidth and you can usually max your internet connection with a browser based download.

My guess is until you do more testing is that the wifi card is overheating and failing. You need to run a large amount of traffic over it for a sustained period of time similar to what steam is doing.