Question Downloads freezing over WiFi on all browsers with Win10 Laptop

Sep 21, 2019
So I have a strange problem, 60-80% of the time i download a file with any browser it freezes. as in it says its downloading but the bar dos not move, i have to cancel it and start the download again (i think sometimes it freezes on web pages but is less noticeable), This only happens over wifi (lan is fine) it makes no differnce the distance from router, I have tried clearing the cache, updating drivers changing the wifi channel. setting static ips, turning off firewall etc nothing seams to change. I dont have this problem with my friends Mac or my android phone .

Any Ideas
Cheers in advance

win 10 pro 64 (1903)
dell inspiron
i7 4510i 2ghz


Are you using a wireless USB adapter?

If so check the adapter before starting the download and keep checking the adapter while the download proceeds. Determine (carefully) if the wireless adapter gets warm and even hot?

You can then try using a USB extension cable to get the wireless USB adapter up and away from the host computer to both keep in cooler and perhaps even improve transmitting and receiving.

Next step will be to determine if something on your computer is slowing down the file transfers.

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes and warnings that correspond with any of the freeze-ups.

Use Task Manager or Resource Monitor to monitor system performance. First while doing nothing, second while browsing, and third while downloading.

Use one tool or the other to identify what is bottlenecking the download.

Who has admin rights to the router? The router's logs, if available and enabled, may be capturing some problem or issue.
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