Question Downloads from Steam/Epic Games are up to par, internet downloads (chrome/edge) are incredibly slow


Dec 3, 2018
In the past, I've had no issues with this, however recently the download speeds I get from chrome are around 1-2 megabytes per second, while downloads from steam, epic games, and other non browser related downloads are upwards of 12-13 megabytes per second. I don't think I've changed anything through a download or setting of some sort (could be wrong), and not only that but I've tried several internet speed tests and all of them have told me that my speed is around 21 megabits (around 2.5 megabytes) per second even though as I said I consistently get far higher speeds on other non browser related downloads. I've restarted my router several times and restarted my pc a few times naturally, and nothing I've tried has worked. I'd appreciate some help with this
i have the same issue.I downloaded GTA V for 17-18 or even more hours,because my speed was locked to 2mb/s.
I DIDNT download it while other milions of people did (if you dont know Epic Games limited download speed to 2mb/s so they dont die or something while milions of people were downloading it).Same for Fortnite,Borderlands 2 and other games and it started happening like in beginning of May or something like that.Btw my net speed is 1000mb/s download and 120mb/s upload so it was a real pain.