Question DPC latency since first boot ?

Aug 12, 2021
I bought a Windows 10 laptop a year ago and since the first time I turned it on I can hear random popping and stuttering sounds. When it was initialized for the first time it showed a CMOS checksum error which I solved by clicking enter. Could that error be related to latency problems?

This is all I have tried until now:

  • Updating drivers through Windows update and HP Support Assistant and updating drivers manually
  • Running sfc /scannow, chdsk C: /r...
  • Disabling dynamic ticking and disabling HPET
  • Updating chipset driver with an official Intel utility
  • Disabling C-states and intel Turbo Boost
  • Using ADK Windows Performance Analyzer to diagnose the problem by myself
I was thinking in doing a factory reset, On the one hand, I think a factory reset could fix the problems (specially if the CMOS error has something to do with it). On the other hand my subconscious tells me that it won't solve the problem, that the manufacturer had a fault in the assembly of my equipment ?
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