Question DPC Watchdog Violation BSOD (Ntoskrnl.exe+3f5210) ?


Oct 10, 2014
I've been getting this BSOD for over a year now and have tried to fix it myself for a very long time. I'm a tinkerer and like to try to learn from it, but I've got nothing here other than to assume faulty hardware, so before I buy something new I'm turning to a forum post. I've used 3 different kits of ram, 3 different graphics cards, 2 power supplies, and I've done as much research as I can stomach. Essentially my computer freezes video and sound for 5-10 seconds, then the bsod pops up and does its thing. Here is a minidump file, as well as a screenshot if you don't want to download it. Most people say that this error is related to either memory or drivers, but with three different sets of memory, and 5+ different windows installs I still get this BSOD.

Also almost every bit of info on ntoskrnl related bsod were Memory Page fault crashes, not DPC Watchdog Violation. I'm not well versed in BSOD's but I presume they are very different. It happens seemingly randomly, although it seems somewhat more common when the computer is under load while gaming. Sometimes I'll go 3 days without crashing, other times I'll crash 7 times in one day(today was one of those days). I'm relatively knowledgeable and will provide anymore info needed. Thanks for any help or advice.

P.S. I'm assuming at this point the motherboard or a drive is causing this issue. Technically the CPU could also be the issue, but I assume if the CPU was causing it that it would be much more catastrophic. My pc is as follows:

Ryzen 7 2700
MSI B450 Pro m2 v2 MoBo
700w Red Dragon power supply (sketchy, I know but this issue occured with my old EVGA psu as well.)
32gb 2x16 Corsair vengance pro rgb 3200mhz CL16
Silicon power 500gb sata ssd + 500gb Crucial MX500 sata ssd running in raid 0 ( used to have them seperate, crashed like that too)
1tb HDD
OS = Windows 10

I generally overclock to about 3.8-3.9 at 1.35 volts, but lately a new issue started occuring where when the computer crashes, if I let it reboot without doing anything, it will boot at 500-550mhz all core, and I can't fix it with ryzen masters. I have to then shut it down and fix the core multiplier in the bios, which is what I normally use for overclocking anyway. I'm assuming this may be the motherboard somehow forcing some sort of safe mode to reboot, but I usually just clear cmos and redo my settings before rebooting. My bios also likes to black screen randomly. ALOT. Frankly I'm assuming this issue is motherboard related due to the sheer amount of random issues the motherboard has to begin with.

Sorry for bad formatting. Written by an annoyed guy at 3 am.