Question DPC Watchdog Violation on Windows 10 ?

Jun 20, 2020
I am in Big Trouble. Please Help ME.

it starts few days ago when i was playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands after updated GeForce Driver. My pc just stopped responding. It freeze everything & nothing(alt+tab etc.) works. It shows a stop code dpc_watchdog_violation.
I did change some service settings(windows update and Microsoft click to run) so i thought maybe it was for that. Undoing that didn't solve the problem. No matter what i do after few minute of use my pc just frizzes.
I do mostly gaming on my pc. Same thing happened while playing Valorant.

Now, I reinstalled Windows and reinstalled all my driver. right after installing GPU driver it started to freeze. I reinstalled windows again and gave it sometime to download the drivers by itself. and right after the GPU driver install, same thing. dpc_watchdog_violation.

currently it's affecting when I am gaming(MOSTLY). During the game or changing any graphics setting just trigger something and it goes EVERYTING STOP. after a while dpc_watchdog_violation.
I tried using old graphics driver. same thing happened.
It happened once while i was watching a movie. and sometimes right after I turn the PC on(whole pc just freezes).
Even while writing this Thread my pc freezes. I clicked on Notification Center and it stopped working.& sometimes it doesn't restart itself. It got stuck on loading screen(During Restarting). the loading screen freezes.
It's freezing randomly.

I followed
SFC /scannow

this method and updating my ATA/ATAPI controller(it has 3 Slandered SATA AHCI Controller there). Didn't work.


My Config:
Ryzen 3600
B450 Mortar Max
Vengeance RGB Pro 2*8GB 3200MHz
MP510 480GB SSD
Gigabyte GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming
Corsair VS450 PSU
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