Question DPI / Scaling issue on two monitors.


Dec 16, 2008
How are you guys. Before I posting I tried to research this and because I am at it for some time now I don't think it's a bug anymore, may be limitations of Linux but not a bug that's for sure.

Just like a lot of you I have two monitors. But in my case they're not identical. I have One 1440P@144Hz and the second one is 2160P@60Hz . First one is used for Gaming and second one for movies and browsing. In windows it's very easy. My gaming monitor have 100% DPI and my 4K monitor have 200% scaling DPI. I found anything in between like 150 or 175 gives better scaling but because it's not 1:1 or 1:2 it's giving me "look" I hate , I like "native" pixel look. I don't know how exactly it called but you understand what I am talking about when scale is anything but 100,200,300% eta.

With this in mind I did identical setting, Gaming monitor 100% scale and Other is 200%. But unfortunately it's not working no matter what it simply wont work. For several years now actually. I do see some crazy 25 step guides, but I am sure there is a better way to have separate scale / dpi on the monitors or is it ?

Please if you can let me know how to get 100% on one monitor and 200% on second one, because simple Displays or Nvidia settings are not working for me.

I have Nvidia GPU with ROG278Q and Acer XB271HK. I am using 18.10 Ubuntu

Thank you so much guys. As of right now I simply using 100% on both monitors because having 200% on both is simply too big so I rather have 100% and I change DPI in chrome (ctrl+ wheel up) when I browse, this is my fix for now.

Thank again !