Question DQ67SW 2 beeps no display

May 11, 2019
Intel DQ67SW B3 mobo, i5-2500k cpu, using integrated graphics, been working fine.
Now, there is no display, it beeps 2 times when powering up, pause a second, beeps 2 times again, still no display.
Then it seems to continue to POST as I can see the led blinking and the system/fans are on.
I read the intel manual, the pre-post BIOS audio beep patterns seem to match NO video.

Wondering if it is power supply issue?
I install a standalone PCIe video card, it boots up fine and display is fine.
However, since then experiencing random shutdown, sometimes within 30 mins sometimes longer. Event viewer indicates kernel power 41, it's like sudden power out without warning.
But I am able to restart system and looking ok afterwards. Then random shutdown again after sometime.

Since it was using processor integrated graphics, if there is something wrong with the processor graphics,
I would think the whole CPU could go wrong. But it boots up fine with the discrete PCIe video card.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Thanks very much.
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