Dr. Debug Question on an ASRock E3 G3


Aug 29, 2011
Put all the hardware together on my friend's build yesterday. We did one boot and the screen didn't come up. But I have a question on Dr. Debug, as it is new to me. When I booted it ran through multiple things most notably halting on 56, 60, and A3. 60 and A3 are problems I already have solved, but 56 is troubling. If you want to take a look at this, this is the problem with A3 on the ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard.


I'm not using an IDE device, using a SATA II HDD and a SATA disc drive. However, 46 is extremely worrisome. A PDF for DD says 56 is invalid CPU type or speed. It only does that for about a second before the next number though. Does Dr. Debug just cycle through numbers, meaning a previous number doesn't matter? 60 and A3 hang in for at least 10 seconds. A3 is at the end before turn off. One more question, I accidentally installed the motherboard without standoffs. For some reason I totally spaced and thought I had the standoffs in. So it was snugged down, but wasn't booted like this. Did I hurt anything that needs replacing because I brought down the mobo? The pins/things on the bottom are somewhat bent, but not touching one another. And it is booting. Not the pins but the spikes on the bottom of the CPU are exposed, so I did I damage something? Sorry for the overload of noob mistakes and questions, and thanks in advance.