Question Dragon War Ele-G9 mouse ---- sensor working slow ?

May 17, 2022
I have dragonwar ele-g9 mouse. I play valorant with it but i cant do 360 or flick with this mouse. If i slowly move the mouse from left to right it works properly but as soon as i try to flick it doesn't register. I don't know what to do . I even reinstalled my driver but the problem didnt get solved. but outside the game the mouse works fine. I tried using paint and did a quick test of flick left to right but its not getting registered in game.


Could be mouse issue, or could be game issue.

Make mouse polling rate test (Instructions are on the right.),

What did you got? As a max and as an average.

Btw, i couldn't find any info about what your mouse (max) polling rate is. Official specs doesn't list it,

Also, did you check in-game settings about mouse?

And thirdly, did you try with another mouse? Preferably with the one that has higher polling rate than your current mouse has it.