Question DRAM 3733 MHz not working at full speed

Apr 5, 2021
Hello guys,

recently, I bought two DRAMs, HyperX DDR4 3733MHz.

I attached both memories as Dual Channel and set a XMP profile.

When logged into windows, on task manager it shows me that I have 3733 MHz. Great !

But when using CPU-Z, on memory tab, it shows me 1666 MHz (which x2 is 3332).

I'm wondering why I can't reach my memory full speed? Do I need to overclokg this manually on my mobo?

I'm also don't know whether my CPU memory controller can't recognize frequencies like that.

I have an i7 8700k.

my motherboard is Z370M-Gaming from Aorus.

Can you guys help me?



Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Are you sure you're using a Gigabyte motherboard and not an MSI built motherboard? If so, is this it? What BIOS version are you on for your motherboard? Make and model of your PSU and it's age? Have you tried manually inputting the timings, frequency and voltages as stated on the sticker on the side of the ram in BIOS?

Got a link to the ram kit purchased?

What does BIOS's target memory frequency show? Which slots are you populating with the sticks of ram?
Apr 5, 2021
Hello guys,

Thanks for the welcome.

I've attached the images from HWInfo about my MB and Memory.

My PSU is a Corsair CX600 and I have about 4 years.

My MB is from Gigabyte. I double checked this information.

About setting the timings manually, I'm new to this OC World and I'd like to learn more. That's why I'm still reading about how to do Memory OC manually before setting anything on my BIOS.

And this is the URL from the memory I bought:

Memory URL

It's a HyperX HX437C19FB3A/16.

I bought both of the sticks together.

Please, see below the images URL.

Mb Info

Memory Info

General Memory Info

Thanks for your help guys !!