Question Dram calculator for ryzen 1.7.3 won't "calculate fast " nor "calculate safe " for my DDr4 ram 32GB (2x16) 3200MHZ


Apr 14, 2016
Hello guys,
I was trying to follow the instructions in this video released by Hardware Unboxed to set up the best ram speed according to my CPU, also someone in a reply to a comment in this video wrote exactly the instructions to import and export the data manually from taiphoon burner to ryzen dram calculator (am gonna paste them here also) and after I finish with everything and press on calculate fast on dram calculator; I receive a small message saying "error! coming soon " so I tried to click on calculate safe instead and I also received an error message saying "error! not supported " so I don't know exactly if the problem is from my end or from the program itself or what, if you can guide me through it, I would be appreciated really.
The video URL:

The comment written: Load up Taiphoon >Click Read (at top) >Click Read SPD (on any of the list that shows up) >Click Report (at top) >Scroll to bottom of report >Click "show delays in nanoseconds" >Click Export (at top) >Click Complete HTML Report >Save the file Open DRAM Calculator >Click Import XMP and choose the file you just saved > In drop down lists choose the Processor version you want (i.e. Ryzen 2 gen for the 3000 series CPU's), Memory Type you have (i.e. B-die), Memory Rank, Frequency you are wanting to achieve and the amount of DIMMS, and which motherboard chipset you are using. >Choose either safe or fast preset >Click Advanced tab and near the bottom left it will tell you your IC quality and what it thinks is the best Frequency you will get.

pc specs:
X570 Aorus Master
Ryzen 9 3900X (auto oc vcore locked at 1.225v from bios)
Aorus RTX 2080 super oced at 1900Mhz+ core clock
Team T-force Dark Z 32GB (2x16) DDR4 3200 MHZ @1.35V (according to taiphoon its Micron technology B-die)

Bitfenix Whisper M 850W 80+Gold full modular psu
storage is pretty big actually consisting of multiple 2.5 inch SSDS (one for windows only and drivers, etc.) and MVME 512SSDS x2 and seperate HDD 4TB 256MB cache, etc..

Thanks <3