Question DRAM + CPU trouble light, no display, on a PC that was working 5 minutes ago

Apr 19, 2019
My build:
MSI z170A SLI Plus motherboard
i5 6400 CPU
Geforce GTX 970 Reference GPU
16 GB Fury HyperX RAM
2TB Seagate HDD

No changes to the BIOs from stock
Windows 10 home

So I rencently had my mass storage drive die on me, and I pulled it out tonight in prep for a replacement, it was disconnecting every 5-10 minutes from my PC, and basically acting as a USB drive that was being plugged in and out. Sad and frustrating, but no big deal, just delete the drive and pull it. I did this and plugged in my PC and my display now won't turn on, and the red light near my 24 pin connector, the trouble lights, has a blinking DRAM and CPU light. This same thing happened a month ago when I pulled my CPU cooler to change the thermal paste. I ended up having to clear the BIOs by shorting the Jbat1 terminal and all was good. So I went through the same checks this time, I first checked all the connections, making sure there was nothing unnecessarily plugged in, like my HDDs old SATA connector and put everything back. Same issue. So I went ahead and ran the fix that I found last time and cleared the BIOs, locating the Jbat1 terminal and shorting it for 10 seconds, as per the manual procedure. And it still has the same issue. Is there anything else I can try, or a way to isolate the issue without it turning on?

Thank you in advance!


Aug 28, 2007
FIrst things first. Update your motherboard's BIOS to the latest version. After doing that, start up your PC and go into the BIOS (UEFI) and verify the drive boot order so that your OS drive is shown as the first device in the boot sequence. Save changes and restart (F10). Let me know what happens next...
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