Question DRAM led lights red after CMOS clear (Bios reset)

Jul 17, 2021
I put together a budget system for very little money and everything worked out quite well, but whenever I wanted to restart the computer, I only got a black picture, but all the fans were turning and I could even blindly use the keyboard and mouse to use. After I shut down the PC using the off button in the front panel and switched it on, everything went back to normal. I was also able to shut it down and start it again as normal. I thought it wasn't a problem, but you have to restart the PC for certain games, a normal shutdown and start was not enough.
So my friend came up with the idea to reset the bios above you CMOS batteries. We did this, the computer started normally, but Windows just didn't work (after I had to select the boot device again), the screen stayed black and the DRAM led lights up red.
I have already tried a new battery and put the two RAM sticks in all possible positions in the 4 slots, but nothing happens, the LED is always red and there is no picture, I can't even go to the BIOS. The mem OK! Button does nothing.

I really need help!

My hardware parts are:
Intel Core i5 3570k
Kingston DDR3 1333mhz RAM
Radeon r9 280X (Asus design)
Samsung QVO 1TB
Corsair 220T
Did you try booting with only 1 RAM stick in the 2nd memory slot?
Before this latest problem was your motherboard updated to the latest BIOS release? Many updates were issued to "Improve system stability" and "Improve memory compatibility".